About Us

Eco-Line France in collaboration with Safety at Work Consultants and Trainers are engaged in the health and safety, environment field, in various areas of work, making available to its clients, technicians and consultants specialized in various disciplines.


HSSE Consulting Services

Safety and Security Professionals

Given the continuous evolution in the energy, robotic (robots and cobots), critical infrastructure and industry sectors, we provide companies and groups, qualified and experienced personnel in the health and safety, security, environment (HSSE) sector, to ensure that your projects and places of work have the necessary attention and respect your expectations. We aim to offer immediate and efficient services, this means fast response times and high quality of service. We are able to provide specialized personnel (HSSE Manager/Adviser) for your projects, whether you are looking for an individual or a whole team of specialists. Our safety professionals supply services enable our clients to improve productivity, performance and profitability and maximize their growth potential. Whether your goal is to access new markets and customers or develop new strategies, we give you the support you need to compete internationally.

Investigation and Support

We offer monitoring and analysis consultancy on accidents occurring in the workplace. When the worst happens and the safety systems have failed, our professionals are ready to give important support to your investigations.

We also carry out inspections in the case of accidents that do not involve people or damage to property, in order to prevent them from reoccurring with far more serious consequences.

We provide support for investigations on different types of accidents through the use of engineering and scientific methods. For these specific activities, Eco-Line France has partnered with DPA Consulting, together they work with external technicians and consultants who can be called as a competent party to investigate the possible causes of accidents, at the request of courts, insurance agencies, law firms, police inspectors, public and private bodies, companies.

Our services investigate the possible causes, which are carefully tested and analyzed in the accident reconstruction process. Experience shows that many basic, apparently unrelated causes can lead to the final consequences. These causes, be they technical, organizational or human, can often be due to deficiencies in security or safety management system.



Eco-Line France&CFSL (Safety at Work Consultants and Trainers) constitute ITA (International Training & Consulting Activities)Eco-Line France & CFSL are specialized in assisting companies that would like to increase the knowledge and skills of their staff or of occasional and external free-lancer operators; to the training facilities involved in various sectors, through staff and educational programs.

Training for third parties

We provide support through educational tools and material, to public and private schools and institutions, vocational training facilities, companies involved in the health and safety at work courses organization, that wish to teach introductory or general education courses, offer courses in language English, through teaching staff registered in the Professional Register of A.N.CO.R.S. Association.  We are the France Branch.

Support for companies and third parties (training facilities) includes the following services:

  • Teachers (Health and Safety at Work Trainers in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08, 271, 272, 298) for the realization of training courses in the critical infrastructure sectors and for those working realities that operate daily in low, medium and high risk activities.
  • Courses and training programs in accordance with Italian and International standards, guidelines and procedures (81/08, IMCA, IOGP, etc.).

Our trainers have considerable experience in advising and managing risks in various corporate environments. Our training programs will help you and your staff to identify and manage any risks and to ensure that the obligations set by the law on health and safety at work in the training sector are respected.