In-house training is an effective way to develop knowledge, collective and individual skills, improve employee engagement and increase performance.

In the last few years we have noticed an increase in the request by the training facilities / institutions to organize training courses with the In-house mode for a wide range of courses including those related to health and safety. Through this training process you have some advantages and benefits:

  • Travel cost saving.
  • Training addressed to only one client, allows teachers to focus on specific needs of the company.
  • Personalized training allows clients to identify problems and make necessary adjustment.
  • Operate in a familiar work place .
  • The presence of delegates from different departments of a single company can encourage greater teamwork, awareness and understanding of the role.

In addition to the courses listed, we can implement a tailor-made solution relevant to your activities.

Before starting a training course In-house it is necessary to discuss all the phases of the training process to make sure that all the teachers are aware of the client’s needs and develop the training sessions with them.

A member of the Eco-Line France&CFSL team is available on the phone seven days a week, in case you want to receive advice or assistance at any stage of the training process, which you offer to your customers.