Chemical Accident

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We are engaged in accidents consulting  involving hazardous and chemical substances produced and manipulated in the energy, defense, health, manufacturing, agricultural, etc. sector).

Chemical Accident start as unintentional losses that may occur during the process, storage or transport activities. Such events are uncontrollable, they involve fires, explosions or the release of toxic substances that cause injuries inside and outside the company and cause extensive damage to property, to the environment, to the surrounding populated areas. Sometimes a factor is a direct cause of the accident, but often the event is the result of a succession or combination of failures in equipment or systems, actions and human factors.

In case of accident, a chemical substance can disperse into the atmosphere as gas or a liquid or solid to the ground. In particular meteorological conditions (winds, rains), this spill can affect very large areas, a chemical substance that spills could infiltrate the ground and eventually enter the aquifer system, compromising the health of the population if it contains chemicals in lethal concentrations.

As a result of an accident, the probability of release of hazardous substances depends on various factors, including the plant storage conditions, the properties of the substances, the damage of containment systems, the place where the accident occurred.

The purpose of the accident investigation is to prevent the repetition of the conditions that caused the event.

To prevent further damage, and have a complete view of the situation, it is very important that the survey is carried out as soon as possible, in order to retrieve all the information needed to consultants to identify what caused the event. A delay at this stage may result in loss of data and useful analysis records due to fire and explosion.

Each incident/accident and near miss is unique and requires a specific response

We carry out an accurate risk assessment in collaboration with the client before each intervention: analyze in detail any demolition and removal debris and examine the processes of neutralization of hazardous substances such as fuels, explosives, corrosive liquids, radioactive materials, biological risk and toxic substances, necessary to establish a safe area. With the data collected, we realize survey activities plan,choose the necessary PPE and detectors, as well as the most suitable personnel for the event. Our professionals are experts in various fields: some are trained to handle hazardous materials and goods, others specialize in the industrial accidents and energy management sector, and others dealing with accidents in the maritime, construction and aviation sector.

Our work activities are carried out taking into consideration the necessary precautions to protect the health of the consultants and guarantee excellent results to our clients. Our services are carried out in accordance with international procedures and guidelines, we put in place the best technology on the market, such as chemicals detectors  and remotely controlled systems for the exploration of contaminated and dangerous sites.