Construction Accident

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Construction is considered one of the most dangerous occupations. The accident rate in the construction industry is higher than any other industry. In most industrialized countries, the construction industry is one of the most significant industries in terms of contribution to gross domestic product, with a significant impact on the health and safety of workers. The construction sector is important both economically and socially.

In the construction sector, workers perform a wide variety of activities, each associated with a specific risk.

The investigation of accidents allows to determine the thing, the how and why of an accident; therefore, in the future, similar incidents can be avoided by experience.

We offer our clients modern investigative techniques and technologies to maximize the work and provide the necessary information to better protect their organization and employees, also in expectancy of any disputes.

Our experts have investigated different types of accidents that cover a wide range of situations in various sectors and circumstances. Eco-Line France offers support and investigation activities in the following contexts:

  • overturning of operating machines and lifting systems;
  • scaffolding and structures support failure used during construction and maintenance tasks on land and on oil platforms;
  • collapse of metal and concrete structures as a result of fires and explosions, wear and tear and human error, demolition, maintenance activities;
  • failure bridges and collapse viaducts, due to wear and tear, human error, maintenance and restoration;
  • fires in mines and underground construction sites caused by welding and cutting machines;
  • failure and fall of communications and electricity transport towers, antennas, as a result of wear and tear, adverse weather conditions, construction, maintenance and restoration, human errors;
  • collapse of concrete containment walls in port and construction areas;
  • failure of aerial work platforms due to wear and tear, poor maintenance, human errors;
  • collapse of trenches and excavations, including mines as a result of adverse weather conditions, human errors, design and construction.

These are some of the activities of investigation that we offer in the construction sector.