Accident Consulting

In these years we have developed considerable operating experience in relative environments: the energy sector (Oil and Gas, Fuel, Wind), civil and industrial engineering on land, marine/underwater; search and rescue during environmental and artificial disasters, maritime transport and port areas, often under the most unusual or demanding conditions. Our team of experts in occupational health and safety supports various categories of professionals and private and public companies, such as lawyers, insurers, broker, certification bodies, institutions, law enforcement agencies and armed forces, including companies involved in various fields of work, to meet their needs and ensure an appropriate investigation into different fields of activity.

CFSL&DPA Consulting through qualified and experienced consultants, provide independent advice on any matter related to health, safety and environmental risk that concerns companies and organizations.

Our consulting activities saves the direct and indirect losses costs, thus reducing downtime and further minimize production downtime in the future.

Our forensic technicians have a lot of experience in examining and inspecting all types of accidents, caused by wear and tear, poor maintenance, previous accidents or inadequate repairs, etc. …. Our investigation support includes providing evidence and information to identify the cause and factors that contributed to the accidents, causality and defects, injury analysis, the extent of the damage, the type of company involved, methods of restoring work activities and protection of people and the environment, activities support during the restructuring and reconstruction of structures and plants, assessment of any contaminated areas and decontamination procedures and much else.

CFSL&DPA Consulting offer support for surveys and investigations, Accidents Reconstruction, targeted on risks to health, safety and the environment. The consultants will provide the experience and skills relevant to your needs.

The scope of the investigation and the type of experience required are decided with the client. The investigation support takes place through on site research, interviews, evaluations and analyzes of samples and debris, even with the use of special remotely controlled vehicles, especially where there is evidence of danger to humans.

CFSL&DPA Consulting to improve the efficiency of their services during the accidents investigation support, has introduced a system that includes the Security and Safety combination. A security weakness represents an increase risks in safety sector. Security and safety are closely related. This relationship is especially valid for industrial plants, in particular critical infrastructures. Risks can be particularly high in industrial sectors where technology becomes increasingly collaborative and widespread.

If your organization has suffered an accident in the areas of our competence, CFSL&DPA Consulting is the solution to the problem. Following an initial assessment, we employ highly experienced teams to integrate your internal capabilities with specialized expertise tailored to the specific needs of the survey or investigations.

Our accidents/incidents support service includes 24/7 phone support. Our technicians are with you from the early stages in order to identify critical situations that should be documented.

We offer consultants and forensic experts with a wide range of experiences and from different scientific backgrounds. Their skills include environmental sciences, geology, geochemistry, chemistry, industrial engineering, medicine, biology, physical sciences, management of natural resources and other technical disciplines. Our staff can operate in various parts of the world, even on board ships and oil platforms.

Consultants can assist you and your clients about their sectors, reconstructing accidents through  skills and specific equipment. Our staff is known for its professionalism, precision, response times.