Accident management

Has your company or clients facilities been affected by an accident? Do you need support during investigations and inquiries? Do you want to be free from worries and keep working without interruption? Accident Consulting is the answer to all your problems! Let us help you.

Why immediately hire expert consultants to manage your accident?

When you ask for our support, you gain confidentiality, professionalism and all the benefits from expert technicians leader in their field. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure a quick result. We will guide you in every situation, we will examine your case from the beginning and we will be ready to support you during the post-accident phases.

Thanks to our partners and the working group we are able to offer complete support and manage all your troubles.

We use specific equipment to contain pollution and to prevent greater damage to workers, structures, environment and to the surrounding population. Our technology allows us to reconstruct the accident and evaluate each situation in detail. We offer teams of qualified consultants with high professional backgrounds, chosen as necessary.

In the case of accidents, there are many circumstances that should be managed by a team of experts:

  • Presence of injured workers;
  • Fatal incidents;
  • Populated areas affected by the release of hazardous substances, fires, etc.
  • Accidents near sensitive areas;
  • Inquiries;
  • Contentious;
  • Collapsed plants and structures, affected by breakdowns or malfunctions;
  • Collapse of buildings, excavations and mines;
  • Implosion, explosion or fire;
  • Accidents involving dangerous goods.

These are just some of the cases for which we offer our support.