Training courses and programs

Eco-Line France & CFSL provide programs and courses of various types both to companies that work in various sectors and to organizations and training facilities that wish to increase their number of courses and conquer new markets and customers. The programs are prepared by consultants and trainers, related to various addresses and types of work.

Tailor – Made Safety At Work

In some sectors, as in the industries involved in mining and oil, the dangers are obvious: exposure to harmful chemicals, fires, explosions and machine breakdowns are just some of the health risks workers face daily. For other areas of activity, the dangers may not be so obvious: working in an office or on vehicles may seem harmless, but poor ergonomics and psychological stress can also cause health problems and hinder productivity.

In Eco-Line France&CFSL, we give priority to companies that want to increase the preparation of their employees and training facilities that offer courses to workers in the most dangerous sectors and occupations, such as construction, mining or the handling of substances harmful to health, or where work relationships or operating conditions create particular risks, such as exposure to pollutants, chemical or radiation, biological, explosive. The most sensitive sectors to which we give most of our attention, providing programs and courses are those at Specific Risk:

Through the national guidelines use and international procedures we have developed the appropriate technical manuals for each course. The use of simulators allows candidates to practice in a variety of situations similar to reality and to respond promptly, while keeping the costs down. In fact, through the Operative Scenarios used during the courses for Specific Risk, learning is quicker and easier and the skills of the participants are constantly tested, thanks to the interactive platform of the simulator.

We support companies through adequate and tailor-made training courses, we provide advice to training facilities, institutions and bodies, who wish to offer further courses, which can request our support and take advantage of these programs / courses, including teaching material and trainers.

In addition to providing the information needed to increase safety at work, these courses allow companies to expand their work environments, familiarize themselves with new market opportunities and develop the techniques to operate safely. The main advantages of attending our courses are listed below:

  • increase efficiency in your industry;
  • promote new uses of equipment and capacity;
  • development of skills in other areas of work;
  • reductions in insurance costs and loss of time;
  • new market opportunities.

Thanks to the qualifications of the teachers, training can be done at international level in English. In the case of the Oil and Gas and Wind Farm sectors on board vessels and platforms.