HSSE Professionals

HSSE Professionals are highly qualified and have work experience in various industry and construction sectors. The aim is to provide appropriate support to every need, effectively safety strategies to save lives, provide a safe environment for workers and ensure that our clients work according to the safety requirements required by current legislation. The professionals are members of international organizations including those in the UK, specializing in health and safety, environment.

The staff working in the health and safety, security, environment consulting sector includes: HSSE Manager/Adviser, Trainers. The staff is regularly enrolled in professional registers.

Professionals are familiar with national and international safety regulations, for the Industry and Energy, Robotic (Robots and Cobots), Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Diving and Hyperbaric, Maritime and Port, Health and Emergency sectors.

Eco-Line France and CFSL have carried out a joint study on the Robots and Cobots risk assessment. The study included interactions between humans, robots/cobots, environment and occupational safety. With the rapid development of this technology, companies must continue to update health and safety, security procedures, if they want to avoid potential accidents involving robots and humans. Through this study carried out on the basis of ISO, OSHA, IFR and international codes of practice, we have developed a Risk Assessment appropriate to the sectors in which we operate, which helps the owners company owners to design safe and healthy workplaces suitable for the use of robots/cobots. We offer tailor-made consultations. Visit this page for information about Robots and Cobots services.


For work activities in the energy sector, robotic (Robots and Cobots), ports and sensitive structures in the marine, underwater and terrestrial environment we are supported by our division  Marine and Diving Division 

We offer Safety and Security Professionals with minimum notice, the service is designed to respond quickly to your needs. The supply personnel is completely free, the costs are applied at the beginning of the contract (temporary or continuous) and concern only the activity carried out by the professionals without any additional cost, for the service offered. Safety Professionals are our employees for whom we manage and take care of all administrative matters. The customer will be required to pay the costs related to the work (day rate, hourly or otherwise) to the professional and the additional costs related to travel expenses and accommodation.

We provide solutions for temporary and permanent activities for projects related to the Industry and Energy, Robotic, Diving and Hyperbaric, Maritime and Port, Health and Emergency, Civil Engineering, Mechanical sectors.

Safety and Security Professionals are able to perform the following services and tasks:

  • Manage workplace safety and security.
  • Ensure that certifications and audits are up to date.
  • Implement procedures and guidelines in accordance with international regulations and procedures.
  • Organize safety meetings and toolboxes.
  • Evaluate and monitor the progress of the project.
  • Manage communications in a timely and effective manner between client and contractor.
  • Solve customer problems promptly and accurately.
  • Constant work activities control.
  • Emergency Prepare plans.
  • Change of plans in response to legislative changes.
  • Damage assessments after accidents.
  • Ensure that the contractor performs the work in accordance with relevant procedures and risk assessments.
  • Conduct visual inspections of ongoing construction sites.
  • Ensure compliance with local and international regulations.
  • Monitoring safety and security, the efficiency of work activities.
  • Health and Safety on construction sites (land and at sea).
  • Management of the Prevention and Protection Service.
  • health and safety training in the workplace and in the classroom.
  • Preparation of documentation (DVR, DUVRI, Risk Assessment Template, Quality Certification).

Why work with us?

  • Time savings.
  • Efficiency.
  • Cost reduction.