Safety Training

Eco-Line France&CFSL offer trained and qualified staff, courses and programs, to companies, centers, public and private bodies, involved in training activities in terrestrial, marine / underwater and aerial environments (drones). Thanks to the experience gained in various fields and to the skills of the technicians and components of the Working Group, our staff can develop specific courses, able to meet various needs.

Eco-Line France&CFSL collaborate to provide an efficient and constant support to all those who wish to carry out a complete training including Integrated Safety and Security. The trainers are able to offer introductory courses, updates and specializations, as required by Italian law (Legislative Decree 81/2008, 271, 272, 298) and other decrees, including international regulations.

The specialization and refresher courses are carried out on the basis of international regulations, procedures and guidelines. Upon completion of the course an A.N.CO.R.S. certificate is issued. A.N.CO.R.S. it is a not profit Italian Organization recognized for the issue of health and safety certificates. It is authorized to issue a quality certificate to the trainers and it is present in the list of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

A.N.CO.R.S. is a training organization, National Association of Consultants and Safety Managers at work, trade union employers association training enabled, ope legis: Article 8 bis, paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 626/94, as amended by Legislative Decree 195/03, State Regions Agreement dated 26/01/2006 and implemented by Legislative Decree 81/08 art.32 point 4 and by the State Regions Agreements of the 21/12/2011 and 22/02/2012, in its capacity as employer  association.

The Health and Safety, Environment courses are realized through international procedures, guidelines and publications, including: OSHA US; EPA; HSE UK; ISO; ILO.

The refresher and integration courses for ASPP / RSPP and HSE Advisor, A.N.CO.R.S. certificates, are accepted and used for affiliation to independent International Organizations involved in health and safety.

Choosing us to train your staff, means relying on qualified trainers and experts in your field ! We work closely with teaching staff registered in the A.N.CO.R.S. Professional Register everyone specialized in a particular field.

Specialization courses

The courses are addressed to all those who work in the Health and Safety, Security, Environment field in their countries and who wish to internationalize the HSE or HSSE Adviser/Coordinator and Manager course, to operate abroad. The Specialization courses update, expand and integrate the knowledge of HSE/HSSE Adviser and Manager. For more information click here