HS&E International Courses

Client Worksite Representative

The Client Worksite Representative acts as the client’s “eyes and ears” regarding health and safety, planning, compliance with the work plan and process, SMS, including procedures, operations, roles and responsabilities of contractor, both Onshore, Offshore / Inshore operations during the project. This course has been developed to allow candidates to understand their roles as described in the guidance documents issued by IOGP and IMCA.

The Client Worksite Representative course provides the necessary information to evaluate the safety and efficiency of work activities in the Offshore/Inshore and Onshore sector. For this reason, decrees and laws, guidelines, publications and procedures of various countries have been taken into consideration, in particular those of Great Britain, which represents an international point of reference in the health and safety field, at work. Read More …


HSE International

The course was specifically designed to update and integrate the knowledge of HSE/HSSE Adviser/RSPP and ASPP professionals. The course was designed to provide an outstanding knowledge on health and safety, security, environment as well as a concrete support for identify, control, assess and manage potential hazards in the workplace.

The Training Program was realized on the basis of the national and international regulations and laws. Furthermore, for each topic several documents relating to various countries were taken into consideration. Read More … 


Safety Accident Management and Investigation

This course will provide investigators with technical knowledge to carry out detailed investigations on accidents / incidents and near misses, by means of considerations, case studies, video examples and working group exercises, 3D simulation and Real-World Training Program. . The course provides general information, such as guidelines and procedures, to prepare the candidate to undertake the investigation process and a targeted preparation for specific sectors.

This training course is for safety professional who wish to work in the investigations field at an international level for critical infrastructures. The candidate will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of subjects related to the investigative techniques and processes applied in various countries. Read More …